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Plants Hire

Create a Wonderful First Impression

Long Term Indoor Plant Hire

All businesses need to look and feel good and lush, healthy, fully maintained hire plants are a very important part of this. Our hire plants provide a welcoming first impression that will become a lasting impression. Our beautiful plants give a feeling that your business is professional, welcoming and trustworthy, that you care for both clients and staff by providing a healthier and more productive environment. As well as providing wonderful first impressions, plants are also good for you! Find out how plants make you healthier and how they can make your workplace more productive.

Our vision is to create a `breath of fresh air in the way we do business. For us, it isn’t about signing up clients and watering plants, but about how we treat the people we provide our service to. We will communicate with you quickly and regularly because we know your time is precious and you need an answer. Rest assured we will have everything under control.

Contact us with confidence as we will always have your best interests at the heart of everything we do.

All Living Decor clients experience:

  • Guaranteed best, lush, healthy plants that will thrive in your environment because we have the experience to know which plants will work.

  • Guaranteed best, more caring, efficient and friendly service.

  • Guaranteed best design for your needs and your unique situation.

  • Guaranteed best, fast and efficient communication. When you phone or email us the person you need to speak to will answer. We are a local company so we can be there quickly with a solution.

If you are ever unhappy with any of these things, we guarantee to fix it immediately or we will give you two free months no questions asked!

Step 1 – Design meeting

We will visit you and after exploring your ideas and ours, design a Proposal that reflects the look and feel you have in mind. Choosing plants and pots is easy as our glasshouses are full of luscious plants ready to be matched with a beautiful planter from our own imported range of pots.

Step 2 –Delivery and installation

We will deliver and install your own office display quickly and efficiently with as little inconvenience to you as possible. After that, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the transformation, knowing that you have to do absolutely nothing!

Step 3 – Regular maintenance visits

Our maintenance plan includes: watering, cleaning of foliage and planter, fertilising, pest and disease control by our fully trained and knowledgeable Technicians. Plus the immediate replacement of a plant should it lose its original lustre.

Create a Feeling of Wellbeing

Wonderful First Impression

We Guarantee to always use plants that people will notice and comment on

Your plants will ALWAYS look their best.

Our maintenance services for our hire plants include watering, cleaning of foliage, fertilising, pest and disease control.

Care for your plants

The immediate replacement of a plant should it lose its original lustre.